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Hijama Cups

Hijama Cups

HVM cupping sets, which are among the hijama set brands, have different numbers of cupping cups and cupping pumps. It is 100% domestic production. In the Hacamax hijama set, there are 12 massage and cupping hijama cups. They are cupping sets that are generally used for cellulite removal. Importance hijama set consists of 12 pieces. It consists of 12 cups and 1 hijama pump. It can be used in dry hijama and massage applications, it is domestic production. Nordmende cupping set includes products such as a cup and cupping pen.
What are the Benefits of Hijama?

No matter what methods and tools are used, hijama treatment should be done upon the examination and recommendation of a doctor. The benefits of hijama give the answer to the question of what is the cupping kit for.

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